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Haoda Lock cylinder factory which was established in 2005 is a professional lock cylinder manufacturer integrates research and development, manufacture,and sales. We have workshops for security door and traffic car lock cylinders,one united active team and many senior managements,engineers and technicians.
Our factory adopt high quality raw material,national first class equipment,advanced production craft and scientific management, our products obtain multiterm national patent. To serve vast users we lauch new products at any time according to the market need.

The two brands “ Denaite” and “ Jiaduobao” which are researched,developed, and designed by Haoda lock cylinder factory have won multiterm national patents technology ,the lock cylinder adopts 12 flat tumbler and machinery hoodles mutually combined and multi direction lock principle.The key is perfectly carved and milled inside and outside on both sides, combine the strong security production technology of Bentley and BMW car key,make the secret key number reach up to 480 billion,drastically resolve the weakness of the high mutual opening rate between traditional single row and double-row pin lock cylinder. The internal pressured double side columns of the 12 flat tumbler cross and combine with the machinery hoodles of the inside core make the the lock cylinder can be locked at the same time from multi directions of up,down,left,right,front,and back,it has the functions of Anti-twisting,Anti-pulling,Prying resistant,Anti-tinfoil, key-clash resistant,Anti master key.

Haoda is always in the spirit of taking customer’s benefit as core, establishing the target of “ Honesty is the base, credit and quality first “ to try hard to provide customers more secure products,make the customers to have more superior use experience. To keep innovating,solve problems for customers,and considerately serve the customers are our mission.


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